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How to keep faith during crisis with Clayton Tyner of Meta Church

Clayton Tyner of Meta Church. Meta is one of the leaders in volunteer ministry, Meet Together, Move Together is the theme. They are currently playing an active role with the underfinanced Food Bank. Listen in on this Easter special where we talk about faith in crisis and generosity.

Changing Your Mindset and Casting Your Vision in Tough Economic Times

Communications and Success Coach Jeff Rogers shares powerful, realistic, critical steps that if taken will change your destiny. Statistics support that those who take these steps are more likely to succeed.


How to Save Our Lake and River Gates

It is so important to keep out spill gates up to date and working, so not only can we enjoy our lakes and rivers like Guadeloupe and Dunlap, but we can keep the property value up. Kevin, tells us how YOU CAN HELP.


The 4 Steps to Great Communication in Relationships

Communication is one of the greatest foundations to any relationship. We all have our ups and downs in relationship communication. luckily, we had Jeff Rodgers tell us how to successfully communicate with others. we want you to #livewell so make sure to utilize these tools when communicating to loved ones.


Memoirs of a Hot Tub

Let's talk about money and how to deal when you lose it. In this episode of "Memoirs of a Hot tub" we talk about some options you have when you lose money, how to break the news to family, and how we can help

Cost Segregation and investing in Real Estate can save you tens and tens of thousands in 2020

This is a game changer IF you qualify. We update some questions on Cost Segregation and how investing in Real Estate can save you LITERALLY tens and tens of thousands in 2020, or if you currently own Investment Real Estate. Residential or Commercial.

Cost Segregation

How to DECREASE your taxes by $50,000 in one year! With Charles Smith, Senior Manager John C Calhoun and Company - Commercial or Residential Real Estate

What you need to know about building codes - With Development Services

In this episode we talk about housing safety issues, permits, building, and everything you need to know to build and hold a house up to city code standards. With Development Services Department City of San Antonio!

Ashaad Mabry

Tune In to the Most Entertaining and Informative Podcast About Real Estate.

@ Home Real Estate Show is a fun and informative radio show about all things real estate. Listen to San Antonio's only Graduate Master Builder and Remodeler, Bryan Smith, together with Tony Tylman NMLS ID: #649489 of Supreme Lending every Saturday at 9:00 AM on 9:30 AM The Answer.

This power duo shares useful house building and remodeling as well as home buying and selling tips. Avid listeners across San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas have the privilege of learning how to get the perfect house loan from award-winning experts.

Ask the assistance of Tony Tylman NMLS ID: #649489 and his team for all your house financing needs. Dial 210-951-5800 and you can expect Tony or one of his dedicated loan officers to help you out. You can also visit them online at https://supremelendingtylmanbranchsanantoniotx.com.

Enhance the beauty of your house with the help of Bryan Smith’s team. Call Vision Design & Build at 210-737-2800, or visit their website at www.visiondesignandbuild.com.


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Brandon Mancine Fitness

May 18, 2020

Check out Brandon Mancine, Husband, Father, Fitness Guru, and Business owners website here: http://brandonmancinefitness.com/

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Jason Harriam Site

May 9, 2020

Just listened to Jason Harriam from EXP Get in contact with him here: https://www.jasonharriman.work/content-hub34519650

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Give back during tough times of COVID-19

May 3, 2020

If you're looking for a way to give back in these hard times consider donating here. Clayton Tyner of Meta Church talked about in his episode (4-12-20) how he is giving back, especially to the food bank.  Help the people in need,  Foodbank link: https://safoodbank.org/donate/ Meta Church Link: https://www.metachurch.tv/

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Learn more about Meta Church

May 3, 2020

Need a safe place to worship?  Clayton Tyner of Meta church invites you!  Click the link here to learn more about Meta Church, connect and give to this great church! https://www.metachurch.tv/

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Want to get a permit for all your building needs?

May 3, 2020

If you are needing a permit to help with your dream design you came to the right place!  If you just listened to Micheal Shannons episode (12-28-29) and want to learn more about him and permits click here! https://www.sanantonio.gov/DSD/About/Leadership

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Get in contact with Charles Smith (Cost Segergation) John C. Calhoun & Company, PLLC

May 3, 2020

Interested in cost segregation from Charles Smith's episode? (1-4-20 and 2-1-20)  Get in contact directly here (210) 828-9097 Connect with Charley on LinkedIn Here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charles-smith-39a701b0/?trk=public-profile-join-page

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Buy your copy of "The Four Agreements" Here!

May 3, 2020

Buy the book that Tony always mentions on the show here! So you can be impeccable with your word, don't take anything personally, don't make assumptions, and always do your best! Start living well with us now!  https://www.amazon.com/Four-Agreements-Practical-Personal-Freedom/dp/1878424319

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The link to help save Lake Placid and more with Kevin Skonnord

April 14, 2020

Follow these two links that Kevin Skonnord mentioned on March 16th, 2020 Episode "How to save our lake and river gates" to see how you can help save our lakes and get more information on our lakes.  https://www.lakeplacidtx.org/ https://gvlakes.com/

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Visit Jeffery Rogers "BrainStorm" Website here

April 14, 2020

To learn more about BrainStorm and get in contact with Jeffery follow the link below!  http://www.brainstormsuccess.com/?fbclid=IwAR1HNjaTd7JCxoy9AJxxuNzsJ2Kjz8C3BM_ne5ThLPb6g_ZGS05AAGRNqW8 Jeffery has aired on episodes: "Changing your mindset and casting your vision in tough economic times" - April 9th 2020 "The 4 steps to great communication in relationships" - March 16th 2020 

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